The first professional event of this scale, the BALKAN: MOST conference offered three days of ample networking opportunities and inspiring discussions centered around the region’s music. We invited the movers and shakers of the international scene, as well as the authentic voices of the region: the scene was set for fruitful cooperation. BALKAN:MOST strengthened the bridge laid down by MOST; four years of intense exchange and dedicated work involving 10 partner organizations and participants from Europe and Balkan countries. The conference featured all pillars of the extensive undertaking from artists, festivals and music professionals, and provided yet another chance to forge collaborations across Europe.

Panels dissipating stereotypes and pointing to progressive solutions forwarded the cause of the vast treasury of musical talent emerging from the Balkans, listening and networking sessions enhanced professional exchange, practical skills and know-how was shared at interactive workshops. We looked at the future of export offices and the Balkan brand, seeking the revolution Balkan music deserves. The daytime buzz was balanced with showcase concerts in the evening; relaxing musical encounters through the festival’s extensive offer. A select group of over 200 international delegates and a thoughtful structure offered plenty of opportunities to connect, discover, and establish a well-oiled community of Balkan and European music professionals at the conference. 

Who is coming?

András Bodrogi


The state51 Conspiracy, Video marketing, Rights Management and Monetization Specialist

Anton Vanderhasselt


BOZAR, Music Programmer

Balázs Weyer


Hangvető, Director of programming

Barna Petrányi


Pro Progressione, Managing director

Bojan Djordjevic


Ring Ring / World Music Festival "Todo Mundo", Artistic Director

Christine Semba


WOMEX / Piranha Arts, Head of WOMEX Special PRojects and WOMEX Academy

Dana McKelvey

USA, Hungary

Central European University, PhD candidate in Sociology and Social Anthropology

Dávid Bali


Believe, Head of Label Relations - Hungary, Romania and Balkans

Dejan Vujinović


Etnofest world music & Jazziré experimental festivals, Artistic director

Diellza Gosalci


Prishtina Music Conference, Coordinator, Conference Director

Dragan Ambrozic


Exit Festival Main Stage | Dom omladine Beograda | Belgrade Jazz Festival, Artistic Director | Editor in chief | Program Manager

Eric Van Monckhoven


Music4You / World Music Lab, Coordinator

Eszter Décsy


Corner Art Management / Eenlarge Europe, Founder & lead/artist manager

Gideon Elfgen


Piranha Arts | WOMEX, Marketing and Communications Manager

Ivana Stefanovska

North Macedonia

Password Production, Project Assistant

Júlia Mihályfy

Hungary, Argentina

Pro Progressione, Cultural manager, Head of PP Sound.

Katerina Dimitrovska

North Macedonia


Katharina Weinert


European Music Council, Policy advisor

Klára Nagy


Hangvető , MOST project lead

Kushtrim Dushi


Prishtina Music Conference & Rave Festival 2022, Founder


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Conference panels: Conference panels are roundtable discussions with the experts from various fields connected to music. Professionals from within and outside the region will guide us through some of the hot topics of the Balkan music industry. (90, 60mins)

Kafana sessions: Kafana sessions will complement two of the major conference panel topics. Discussions can thus follow in a more informal format in the café of the conference venue, where the audience gets to speak their minds. (60 mins)

Workshops: Preliminary registration is required to participate. Workshops are loosely related to the 4 pillars of the MOST project – a highlighted topic for each of our target groups, artists, festivals, music managers and music projects. Workshops invite participants to actively contribute to the discussion or group work, guided by a pair of hosts. (60 mins)

Speed meetings:Preliminary registration is required to participate. Speed meetings are a must-have at all industry events. Timed meetings will take place 3 times. Two sessions are invite only, where MOST-supported showcasers meet selected delegates, and one is for registered guests – sign up for the PRO speed meeting, if you want to meet the greatest festivals of the Balkans. (90 mins)

Pitching session: Preliminary registration is required to participate as a pitching presenter. Pitching sessions offer a series of mini-presentations of 5 mins on the upcoming projects related to or based in the Balkans. An opportunity for newcomers to present their ideas, projects and art. (60 mins) This session is open for applications!

Listening & Video sessions: Listening and Video sessions will give you a peek into the audiovisual works of the MOST-supported musicians. Experts of record labels, radio presenters, music journalists and filmmakers will discuss and give feedback on the presented tracks and video clips – open for all delegates. (60 mins)

The organizers reserve the right to make changes to the event programme. If necessary, changes may be made to its content, method and organization before or during the event.

The Location


BALKAN:MOST Conference takes place in the award winner building Hangvilla Multifunctional Community Space, and  outdoor venues of FOTON Audiovisual Centre.

The Hangvilla is situated in the heart of Veszprém. The three-storey concert and conference venue also features temporary exhibitions showcasing cultural diversity, while the ground floor houses a café and restaurant. 

FOTON, a modern, freshly opened multifunctional art and cultural center is situated in the Veszprém Caste and ensures perfect terrasses for delegate meetings.