Katerina Dimitrovska

North Macedonia



Katerina Dimitrovska graduated in translation at the Department of Translation and Interpreting at the Faculty of Philology “Blaze Koneski” in 2013. Music was always her passion, so after graduation she started learning different types of instruments, mostly from the Balkans and the Middle East, as she was travelling around discovering different cultures. Some of those instruments are bendir, yaylı tambur, tambura and kemane, self-taught in all of them, with the exception of the Kurdish Daf, which she learned at the Ahura school of rhythm in Izmir, Turkey. In 2015, she and her friend Lea Milinovikj, co-founded the band Perija, of which they are still part. Perija were a part of the MOST Balkan Music Export Programme. The band is a world/dark folk/critical folk music experiment, focusing on equality in an ethnically divided Balkans, and bringing accent to what they believe are important and somewhat neglected social issues. She has been co-managing the band, ever since the beginning. Her interest in music business brought her to be a part of MOST management training (2022) and Eastern European Music Academy (2023).