Nicolas Wieers


Balkan Trafik!

Director, programmer


In parallel with a sporting career in Boxing and two titles of Belgian champion, Nicolas Wieërs is a graduate of the Institut des Arts de Diffusion (IAD/ Louvain la Neuve/ Belgium) in audiovisual production. From his last year of study, he started as a producer with Canal + Belgium. It was also during this period that he founded his first association for the creation of community league events. In 2003, for example, it produced a 4-day event which celebrated, on the Grand-Place in Brussels and its surroundings, the European integration of 10 countries. In the aftermath, following a meeting in Kosovo with students from the University of Pristina, he decided to create a European festival, called “Balkan Trafik…de Culture”, which would help a general public to go beyond the a priori on the communities of the countries of South-East Europe. This festival has been happening now for 18 years, without stopping, in various major cultural venues in Brussels and in Paris for two years.