Kushtrim Dushi


Prishtina Music Conference & Rave Festival 2022



Kushtrim Dushi comes from Prishtina, Kosova. In 2014, he founded Rave Travel.
His mission was to offer and instill to the youth in Kosovo a cultural diversity which lacked due to Kosovo’s well known isolation. Rave sells Festival Packages, which include tickets, accommodation and transport. Rave are the go-to ticketing and event organizing solutions platform. As a result of years of experience and networking in the global entertainment and music industry, Kushtrim launched Prishtina Music Conference. PMC is a music conference, the first of its kind, providing networking, promotional and inspirational opportunities for artists and the global community aiming to elevate music culture and development. It had its first edition in 2021, which was a major success, achieving their set goals.