Manu Chao Acoustic ES / FR

#skapunk #reggae #champa #latin-alternative

09.09. Saturday, 22:00-01:00 | Castle stage

Bold and defiant, colourful and captivating – Manu Chao and the Balkans are a perfect match. The activist and music revolutionary Chao fits BALKAN:MOST naturally, even if not hailing from the peninsula. His home is everywhere: on the largest stages of the world, DIY squat gigs, or indeed the quirky streets of Veszprém, where he arrives with an acoustic setup. He carries the smile, the voice, the guitar, tunes like Me Gustas Tu and Clandestino, and the equally ever-lasting rebel spirit.

The special gig offers a more than 2-hour spell of Manu magic in the heart of Veszprém. The organizers may hold this concert at a separate location, so we ask everyone to take into account the special conditions for the special.

Number of tickets available is limited. It’s possible to buy a maximum number of two tickets per person.

The ticket is connected to your name. Upon entry to the concert, guests will be asked to confirm that the ticket or tickets he/she wishes to use are in his/her name. Proof may be provided by presenting a photo ID.

Visitors will only be admitted to the concert through the festival gate on the Vár street side.

In order to ensure the safe and professionally successful conduct of the Event, the Visitor shall comply with the provisions of these GTC and the Event Rules.



The event is SOLD OUT.


In case a ticket is purchased from an account not identical to the concert participants, or if ticket holders are unable to attend the concert for reasons outside their control and wish to transfer the ticket, the following steps shall be taken:

  • The ticket transferee shall register through the VEB2023 mobile app. The account data entered shall be identical to the transferee’s data (name, email) granting entry to the event.
  • Once you’re registered, you can also check your data on the website by clicking on the icon  .
  • The former ticket holder who wishes to transfer the ticket shall send an email to indicating the person and data (email address) of the ticket transferee (who has simultaneously registered in through the app, as set out above).
  • VEB2023 sends the transferred ticket to the transferee finalizing the procedure. Tickets can also be downloaded from the “My tickets” menu of the VEB2023 mobile application.

Final date by which ticket transfers are possible: September 8th, 16:00.

Please carry out ticket transfers before the date indicated above. In any other case a Statement of Transfer cosigned by two witnesses will be required to enter the concert area. Please present statements at the ECoC (‘EKF’) Information Point between 5 pm and 22:00, on 09 September only.  (Statements should contain the following: “Undersigned (place and date of birth, mother’s maiden name, address) transfer my ticket for the 2023.09.09. Manu Chao Acoustic concert in Veszprém to transferee (place and date of birth, mother’s maiden name, address), cosigning witnesses (their dates of birth, mother’s name, address).”)

On the day of the concert, you can collect your wristband for the concert at the ECoC (‘EKF’) Information Point (address: Kossuth street 21, Veszprém, 8200) between 17:00 and 20:00 and at the festival gate on Vár utca from 19:30. To avoid queuing, we recommend arriving on time.

Visitors will only be admitted to the concert through the festival gate on the Vár street side.

Event Rules

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