Sabina Smailagic

Bosnia & Herzegovina

Verdenskulturhjørnet ( The World Culture Corner)

freelance speaker, cultural mediator


Sabina was born and raised in Banja Luka, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and has been living in Denmark since 1994.
Sabina has over 16 years of experience with various projects focusing on the Roots & Hybrid music scene.
She has organized art exhibitions, festivals, movie evenings and lectures, all with the aim of bringing people and different cultures closer together.
As a former booking agent, she has collaborated with several bands in Denmark and has been a local booking agent for various bands, such as, Ipek Yolu , Hudna , Addisababand, Damir Imamović feat. Derya Turkan & Greg Cohen, Afion Sevdah Takht and Chris Eckman feat. Blaž Celarec & Žiga Golob and Thorhan.
Today, she is an active cultural mediator as a DJ and as a speaker, focusing on cultural mediation through music.