La Caravane Passe FR

For La Caravane Passe (“the caravan passes”), the point of view is always that of the traveler. For almost twenty years, Toma Feterman has been leading his band – and all of us in their footsteps – on a double journey through the musical landscapes of Eastern and Southern Europe, and afterwards on extended tours stopping over wherever spectators dream of leaving.  Once again, borders, languages, shapes, rhythms are entangled. But we sense the melodic art of Toma Feterman, his parisian-flavored Mitteleuropa compositions fed on hip hop and fluent in Serbo-Croatian. To the extent that, in one of his new songs, he calls himself “yougostalgic”, as in fascinated by a fantasy land where one still practices, in weddings, burials and baptisms, a traditional music that is full of the naturalness and momentum that are quite lacking in France nowadays. “Popular music must bond,” says Toma. “At La Caravane Passe concerts, with us, people can become gypsies at least one day in their lives”